Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More About the AKP Indictment

To post more about the indictment/petition to close AKP, see two perspectives of the allegations against AKP. The first appears in Today's Zaman and the second in the Turkish Daily News.

The Constitutional Court has announced that it will decide whether or not to accept the case in the next ten days.

In other news, in an emergency AKP parliamentary group meeting, Erdoğan continued to urge party members to refrain from provocative comments and remain calm. He is also said to have questioned any potential links between the closure case and the ongoing Ergenekon investigation. The Turkish Bar Association and TÜSIAD have denounced the petition as inappropriate and a threat to political stability. In recent days, Turkey's currency has lost value against the Euro and the American Dollar. For a financial analysis of the situation, see Andrew Finkel's column in Today's Zaman.

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