Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MHP: The Only One Left?

A state prosecutor filed a legal inquiry with the Constitutional Court this past week over a YTL 3 million transfer of funds from CHP to the television channel Kanal Türk. It is alleged that the funds were paid so that Kanal Türk might propagandize on CHP's behalf. Although Zaman no doubt hopefully hinted earlier in the week that the charges might lead to a closure case being opened against CHP, this seems unlikely. As darkly amusing as it would be to have MHP be the only party represented in parliament that is not facing a closure case, it is unlikely that CHP-sympathetic prosecutors will take such a move. There also is a debate as to whether CHP even violated the Political Parties Law that would require the Chief Prosecutor to file a case against it and I cannot make heads or tails of the analysis because it is all couched in the obvious political slant of the paper presenting it.

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