Sunday, June 1, 2008

FYI: Women Have Sexual Stimulants

No doubt this will sound as another call of creeping Islamicization, but, seriously, AKP needs to answer to these and the general idea that they do sem to embrace . . .

From the Turkish Daily News:
A list of controversial “dos and don'ts” regarding sexual relations in Islam has been published on the Web site of the Directorate of Religious Affairs. According to the much-debated list, people should avoid having illegal, extra-marital affairs and engaging in relations, such as flirting and dating, that can lead to adultery.

The Web site also cites the actions of the Prophet Mohammed as exemplary behavior, warning men not to stay alone with women in enclosed areas. The statement has been criticized as it may imply that women cannot work at mixed offices.

“Women have to be more careful, since they have sexual stimulants,” states the list titled “Sexual Life,” a part of a general catechism about Islam and society. “Women have to be covered properly so as not to show their body to strangers.”

Women who wear perfume outside of the home are also described as immoral, a statement that has been criticized as it implicitly accuses many women of immorality. “Our Prophet Mohammed did not approve of women who wear perfume and fragrances outside their homes, and he described this action as immoral,” it says.

Such statements about the morality of women have been criticized as justifying sexual harassment, by presenting women as responsible for it. The Web site also claims that women and men should not stay alone in enclosed areas, saying that if they do the third presence in the room will be the devil. This is criticized as targeting working women and discouraging them from working outside the home.

Finally, the Web site cites flirting and dating as equal to adultery.

Most of the suggestions refer to statements made by the Prophet Mohammed. The morality of abortion and contraception is also debated on the site. As extra-marital relations gain widespread acceptance, the number of abortions has also increased, the site claims. “The social and moral decline in Western countries has increased the campaign and pressures to allow abortion. However, social common sense and churches claims that abortion is murder, and say that allowing it may cause many problems,” it says. Moral decline causes increases in abortions, which are defined as murder by the Religious Affairs Directorate on the site.

An official from the Religious Affairs Directorate, who declined to give his name, said that the catechism, which includes the list of controversial rights and wrongs, has been published in hardcopy since 2002 and on the Web site since 2006. He also said that directorate officials declined to give a statement yesterday.

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