Thursday, November 6, 2008

An Obama Presidency

PHOTO FROM The New York Times

From TDZ:
Democrat Barack Obama's landslide victory in the US election is a dream come true for most ordinary Turks, but it could mean more pressure on the government to speed up reforms for a better state of human rights in the country.

It is also likely to spell a definite end for the long-held Turkish policy of dealing with Armenian claims of genocide through counter-measures to suppress pro-genocide resolutions in Congress.

Turkey has had ups and downs in its strategic ties with the United States during the George W. Bush administration, differing on Iraq, the best way to handle a dispute over Iran’s nuclear program and Middle East peace efforts. But during the two terms of the outgoing president, Turkey has heard little criticism over its human rights record, contrary to the practice during the era of Bush’s Democratic predecessor, Bill Clinton. Pundits say Obama is likely to revive the Democratic tradition of applying more pressure to do more to improve human rights, a key demand of the European Union in the membership process.
For full article, click here. TDZ reports that business is also excited.

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