Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bomb Kills Six at AKP Headquarters in İstanbul

From TDZ:
Six people were injured yesterday after a bomb exploded in front of the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AK Party) İstanbul headquarters in the Sütlüce district.

. . . .

Güler said four police officers and two AK Party members were injured in the attack, adding that two of the injured were in critical condition and undergoing surgery.

Güler said it seemed likely the explosion was caused by a bomb, but ruled out the possibility of a suicide attack. He said the cause of the blast would be known following examination of security camera footage and witness statements. "Initial reports indicate that a bomb wrapped in a package exploded. This is all I can say at the moment," the governor added.

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meryem said...

The bomb attack has been undertaken by a being terror organization PKK. Doing all of the attacks,l curse and the attacks won't never prevent to works of the government.The development program will continue for southeast and PKK won't can use to our Kurds citizens as a pawn with its bad games.And l think the bomb attack that is a sign of impatient.l hope the injured people get better very soon.(Also we are,too, ready to die if necessary for a peaceful and restful life in the world.everything is to live inside peace at the same earth without discrimination.the AK Party has been struggling for this.)HUMAN IS VALUABLE DUE TO HUMANE QUALITIES NOT HIS RACISM OR NATIONALISM.We should learn to make our conscience speak,not individual passions otherwise innocent people are damaged,too and this don't be fair