Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Rush Limbaugh of Turkey

From TDZ:
Fatih Altaylı, a journalist famous for making disparaging statements against women, has been condemned by women’s rights activists and some of his colleagues for claiming that women should not be critical of the military since “the army is protecting what is between a woman’s legs.”

Altaylı, who has been appointed the editor-in-chief of a mainstream newspaper that will be launched next year, wrote a column on the Internet referring to a TV discussion program that featured Gülay Göktürk, a prominent female writer from the Bugün daily. In his article, Altaylı wrote, “Lady, maybe you are not aware of the fact that the Turkish army is also protecting what is between a woman’s legs. The Turkish army protects the borders of Turkey, and this border lies between a woman’s legs.”
Halime Güner, from the Flying Broom Association, said women are sick of Altaylı. “He cannot take his mind off a particular part of his body. This attitude of his has led me to think that he has some problems with it. I strongly advise him to seek medical attention immediately,” Güner said.

She added that in Turkey there are endless debates and that many of them are concentrated on women’s bodies.
For full article, click here. As the article notes, Altaylı has a history of verbally assaulting people, especially women, including covered women wishing to enter university and human rights activist Eren Keskin.

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