Sunday, April 11, 2010

Istanbul-Ankara Exchange

Of definite interest:

July 19-29/Application deadline May 15
Limited spaces available/Rolling acceptance


In an effort to further our commitment to promoting engagement and understanding, and the International Strategic Research Organization (USAK) are pleased to announce the July 2010 Istanbul-Ankara Exchange. The ten-day program July 19-29 will engage students and professionals from around the world in a multifaceted discussion of some of the key issues facing Turkey and the surrounding region.


The Istanbul-Ankara Exchange rests on two tracks:

Academic – Participants will attend a series of seminars led by leading Turkish academics, journalists, businesspeople and public intellectuals. Topics will include: The future of Turkey-EU and Turkey-US relations; Turkey’s neighbors and adjacent regions: A new vision for partnership?; Turkey’s role in the Middle East Peace process; Economic reform challenges now and on the horizon; Pipeline politics and Turkey’s emerging energy role; The AKP party in domestic and regional relations; The Kurdish question; Terrorism and the PKK; Turkey’s constitution and justice system; Women in Turkey; Hydro-politics and Turkish foreign policy.

Dialogue with Leaders - Participants will have the opportunity to meet and engage social, political and economic leaders from across the spectrum in Turkey.

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