Saturday, April 10, 2010

This Week On "Ergenekon" . . .

Monday saw more Ergenekon drama when 86 people, 70 of them active duty military officers, were arrested in conjunction wth the Ergenekon investigation before Chief Prosecutor Aykut Cengiz Engin halted the arrests and removed two prosecutors. The prosecutors are alleged to have acted without the consent of Engin, who has ordered all prosecutors working the case to clear to seek his consent prior to issuing arrest warrants. Two new prosecutors were placed on the case.

On Thursday, April 1, an Istanbul court released 19 military officers, including retired general Cetin Dogan, the former head of Turkey's First Army, and lieutenant-general Engin Alan, a former special forces commande. These officers had been arrested in the February sweep. However, on Sunday, just three days later, the same Istanbul court ordered the re-arrest of all 19.

What's going on here is almost anybody's guess.

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