Monday, June 7, 2010

Ceber Case Ends in Prison Sentences

The Engin Ceber trial ended last Tuesday with convictions for four police officers found guilty of having tortured the leftist acticist to death in 2008. From Bianet:
A total of 60 public servants were tried in the case of Engin Çeber, who died from torture experienced in the Şehit Muhittin Bodur police station and in Metris Prison (Istanbul). Four defendants received aggravated life sentences which were mitigated to life sentences.

Prison guards Nihat Kızılkaya, Selahattin Apaydın and Sami Ergazi and Metris Prison vice director Fuat Karaosmanoğlu were charged with "causing death by torture".

Three police officers received a prison sentence of seven years and six months each; one police officer was handed down a sentence of two years and six months imprisonment.
The full article contains more background, which can also be found in my past posts. The conviction of at least four of those involved is a positive in terms of the fact that too often security and police officers are treated with impunity.

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